Research Centre for Aesthetics, Nature and Environment

Department of Aesthetics - ELTE Eötvös Loránd University


RCANE's main goals: (1) to provide the international scholarship of Environmental and Everyday Aesthetics with a stock of critical-historical knowledge concerning the roots and the development of the discipline in order to present theoretically relevant and thought-provoking insights and issues which have laid hidden or been obscured, and to demonstrate the relevance of historical approach in conceiving the aesthetic experience of natural environment;
(2) to renew and to enrich the long tradition of the Hungarian scholarship of Aesthetics by introducing new ideas and methods, to raise new perspectives and to initiate a new type of interdisciplinary discussion. Then, on the one hand, the project aims to show how useful and inspiring can be the interpretive techniques of the Hungarian scholarship of Aesthetics for the international scholarly community of Environmental and Everyday Aesthetics, and, on the other, to refresh and partly to re-orient the Hungarian scholarship of Aesthetics.

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