Research Centre for Aesthetics, Nature and Environment

Department of Aesthetics - ELTE Eötvös Loránd University


Prof. Béla Bacsó

(ELTE University), aesthetics and physiognomy in the 18th century (J. K. Lavater, G. Ch. Lichtenberg, J. G. Herder, Goethe)

Dr. Botond Csuka

(University of Physical Education), the aesthetics of nature in early modern philosophy and science; the theories of unscenic nature

Dr. Veronika Darida

(ELTE University), theatrical landscapes - landscape-theatres; sonorous spaces; animality in theatre

Dr. Tibor Pintér

(ELTE University), the sonorous environment as aesthetic experience (practice and theory)

Prof. Sándor Radnóti

(ELTE University), the genealogy of modern landscape experience; the philosophy of landscape

Dr. Sándor Sajó

(ELTE University), the theory of experience; phenomenology and the philosophy of nature

Dr. Tamás Seregi

(ELTE University), cybernetics; the phenomenology of nature; the theories of morphogenesis and of matter

Dr. Zoltán Somhegyi

(Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary), landscape, art history of ruins

Dr. Bálint Somlyó

(ELTE University), daunting nature; the mythical and the natural (T. W. Adorno, W. Benjamin, M. Serres, G. Deleuze)

Prof. Endre Szécsényi

(ELTE University / University of Aberdeen), the genealogy of modern aesthetics; the versions of natural sublime in modernity

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