Dr Sándor Sajó

Associate Professor

Sándor SAJÓ (PhD, dr. habil.) is a philosopher. His book Almost Everything. The  Dialectic of Experience came out in 2014 in Hungarian and is in progress in English. He feels close to various philosophers like Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and Deleuze. Earlier, he also translated texts from some of these authors into Hungarian. He is an international external expert of EURIAS (European Institutes for Advanced Study) Fellowship Programme.

Selected Publications
(in progress) Almost Everything. The Dialectic of Experience. (in English)
2014 “Narrativity, Emotion and the Experience of the World”, in Gábor Boros and Tibor Pólya eds., Passion, Love, Narration, Budapest: Eötvös, 161-166. Available online as well: http://www.eltereader.hu/kiadvanyok/szenvedely-szerelem-narraciok/ (in Hungarian)
2014 “On Dialectic”, in Orbán Katalin and Gács Anna eds., Emlékkerti kőoroszlán. Írások György Péter 60. születésnapjára, Budapest, Eötvös, 2014, 377-383. (in Hungarian)
2014 Almost Everything. The Dialectic of Broken Totality, Budapest: L’Harmattan. (in Hungarian)
2013 “The Problem of Intersubjectivity in the Cartesian Meditations“, in: Varga Péter and Zuh Deodát eds., Husserl, a Contemporary Thinker, Budapest: L’Harmattan (in Hungarian)
2012 “On What We Know and What We Don’t”. In: Imago, 2012/3. (in Hungarian)
2012 “A Representation of an Image of an Invisible Face: the Ontology of Self-Portraits”, in Papp Zoltán ed., „Viharnak kitett szavak által”. Tanulmányok Bacsó Béla hatvanadik születésnapjára. Budapest: ELTE Eötvös. (in Hungarian)
2011 “Das Ungedachte: Husserl and Merleau-Ponty”, in Ullmann Tamás and Váradi Péter eds., Sartre és Merleau-Ponty. A francia fenomenológia klasszikus korszaka. Budapest: L’Harmattan, (in Hungarian)
2011 “The Logic of the Conditions of Possibility and the Immediacy of Intuition: Kant and Phenomenology”, in Blandl Borbála, Gulyás Péter, Marosán Bence eds., „A margók előadója voltam”. Emlékkötet Munkácsy Gyula tiszteletére. Budapest: Világosság. (in Hungarian)

Conferences and Public Lectures (selected)
2017 “Ego sum and ego cum”, Colloque en hommage à Jean-Luc Nancy, Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem (in English)
2017 “Perhaps Yes”, A szimulákrumok és a beteljesülés ígérete. VI. Kolozsvári Alkalmazott Etika Konferencia (in Hungarian)
2016 “The Completely Other”, In memoriam Jacques Derrida 2016: The University to Come, organized by PTE BTK, PAB, PPKE BTK, Budapest  (in English)
2016 “Transcendental and Empirical Philosophy”, Narrative, Erlebnis, Experience, ELTE BTK Institute of Philosophy, Budapest
2016 „Grey Zones”, Fenomén, vágy, hatalom: 2. (Poszt)fenomenológiai Workshop, organized by BBTE Magyar Filozófiai Intézete, Kolozsvári Akadémiai Bizottság Filozófiai Szakbizottsága, Magyar Fenomenológiai Egyesület and Erdélyi Magyar Filozófiai Társaság Fenomenológiai Munkacsoport, Kolozsvár.
2016 “What is Completely Other”, Eros and Alterity, organized by Magyar Fenomenológiai Egyesület, Budapest
2015 “Is Experience Diacritical?”, Welt und Unendlichkeit. Ein deutsch-ungarischer Dialog in memoriam László Tengelyi, Internationales Zentrum für Philosophie NRW, Bonn (in English)
2015 “A Transcendental Philosophy of Ambiguity”, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (in English)
2015 “On Exception”, Russian Institute for Advanced Studies, Moscow (in English)
2014 “Exception and Rule”, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Political Philosophy, organized by Eszterházy Károly College Department of Philosophy and Hungarian Academy of Sciences Miskolc Research Center for Social Theory, Eger.  (in Hungarian)
2014 “The Broken Totality of Mindful Bodies”, a conference on Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics, organized and supported by the Hungarian Philosophical Association, Eötvös Loránd University, University of Szeged, Central European Pragmatist Forum and Pro Philosophia Szegediensi Foundation, Budapest. (in English)
2014 “Totality: Phenomenology and the Young Lukacs”, Continental Encounters: The History of Phenomenology in Eastern Europe Workshop, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Wien. (in English)
2014 “Theoretical Approaches to Otherness”, talk and round table discussion, Gogol in Cluj/Cardiff, “Representations of the Other” International Project, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. (in English)
2014 “Lifeworld out of Focus”, Életvilág-konferencia, ELTE BTK Filozófia Intézet, Budapest. (in Hungarian)
2014 “The Experience of Border”, Senses in the Making: a (Post)phenomenological Workshop, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. (in Hungarian)
2013 “Sense Formation and the Uncanny”, XXIII World Congress of Philosophy, Athens. (in English)
2013 “A Philosophy of Ambiguity”, Phenomenology Summer School, Badacsonyörs, Hungary (in Hungarian)
2013 “The Novelty and the Failure of Objective Egology”, A Hundred Years of Transcendental Phenomenology, Commemorating Husserl’s Ideen, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest (in Hungarian)
2013 “The Dialectic of Despair”, Phenomenology Workshop of the Hungarian Phenomenological Society, the Transsylvanian Hungarian Philosophical Society and the Cluj Academy, Budapest, Hungary (in Hungarian)


Grants/Fellowships (selected)

2015                Erasmus Staff Mobility Programme, Humboldt University, Berlin
2015                DAAD Fellow, Freie University, Berlin
2015                Fellow of the Russian Institute for Advanced Studies, Moscow
2014                Grant of Österreichischer Austauschdienst, Stiftung Aktion Österreich-Ungarn, Vienna
2013-               “Representations of the Other”, International Project
2012-2015      “Heidegger and National Socialism. Philosophical Approaches”, OTKA Project (Hungary)
2011                Paul Celan Fellow, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna
2005-2006       Artes Liberales Research Project (Hungary)
2005-2007      Historical and Theoretical Aspects of Aesthetic Representation, R&D Project (Hungary)
2003                Junior Visiting Fellow, Central European University, Department of Philosophy (Hungary)
1997-1999       Research Support Scheme Grant, Open Society Institute (Czech Republic)
1998                Research Project, Husserl Archives (Leuven, Belgium)
1994                Research, Sorbonne, Paris I, France, Peregrinatio Grant (Paris)

Contact Details

Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies
Department of Aesthetics
Eötvös Loránd University
Mail: Múzeum krt. 6-8 1088-Budapest Hungary
E-mail: sajo.sandor@btk.elte.hu
Phone: (36) 14116570

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